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NJ Card Breaks

Panini Phoenix Football 2022 Hobby Box

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Every Box contains Two Autographs, One Memorabilia, Two Silvers, Nine #'d Parallels, Nine Inserts & Twleve Rookies!

Printed using stunning opti-chrome technology, Phoenix is one of the most colorful and sought-after brands of the year!

New in 2022 look for the Paragon Patch Autographs as well as Contours, Fire Fabrics and brand new SSP inserts Archetype and Metropolis.

Look for a 242-card set with 100 Base, 100 Rookies and 42 RPS Rookie Auto Jersey!

Chase all the top NFL Rookies including Kenny Pickett, Garrett Wilson, Malik Willis, Travon Walker and many more!

Hunt for Hobby-exclusive short-printed inserts with En Fuego, Metropolis, Archetype and Phoenician!


BASE: Look for a 100-card base checklist of all the top stars the NFL has to offer!

- Base Silver
- Base Red #'d /250
- Base Pink #'d /199
- Base Lava #'d /175
- Base Teal #'d /150
- Base Purple #'d /125
- Base Orange #'d /99
- Base Yellow #'d /75
- Base Fire & Ice #'d /50
- Base Blue #'d /35
- Base Green #'d /25
- Base Black #'d /10
- Base Gold #'d One-of-One
- Base Color Burst
- Base Sprinkles
- Base Printing Plate #'d One-of-One

ROOKIES: Look for all the best stars of tomorrow with a 100-card rookie checklist! Hunt for rare, autographed parallels as well!

- Rookies Silver
- Rookies Red #'d /250
- Rookies Pink #'d /199
- Rookies Lava #'d /175
- Rookies Teal #'d /150
- Rookies Purple #'d /125
- Rookies Orange #'d /99
- Rookies Yellow #'d /75
- Rookies Fire & Ice #'d /50
- Rookies Blue #'d /35
- Rookies Green #'d /25
- Rookies Black #'d /10
- Rookies Gold #'d One-of-One
- Rookies Color Burst
- Rookies Sprinkles
- Rookies Printing Plates #'d One-of-One

COLOR BURST: Only found 1 per Hobby Box look for the Color Burst Parallel of the Base and the Rookies!

RPS ROOKIE AUTO JERSEY: Look for jersey autographs from the top NFL rookies.

- RPS Rookie Auto Jersey Max #'d /299
- RPS Rookie Auto Jersey Orange Max #'d /149
- RPS Rookie Auto Jersey Prime Yellow Max #'d /75
- RPS Rookie Auto Jersey Prime Blue Max #'d /50
- RPS Rookie Auto Jersey Prime Green Max #'d /25
- RPS Rookie Auto Jersey Laundry Tag Brand Logo #'d One-of-One
- RPS Rookie Auto Jersey Laundry Tag NFL Players Logo #'d One-of-One
- RPS Rookie Auto Jersey Laundry Tag NFL Shield One-of-One
- RPS Rookie Auto Jersey Super Prime #'d One-of-One

PARAGON PATCH AUTOGRAPHS: Brand New to Phoenix 2022, Paragon Patch Autographs features the very best players in the NFL, with jumbo patches Paragon Patch Autographs are sure to be a fan favorite.

- Paragon Patch Autographs Max #'d /25
- Paragon Patch Autographs Green Max #'d /10
- Paragon Patch Autographs Black Max #'d /5
- Paragon Patch Autographs Super Prime #'d One-of-One

CONTOURS: Brand New to Phoenix, Contours utilizes a unique design to make an iconic card of some of the gridirons biggest stars.

- Contours
- Contours Red #'d /199
- Contours Pink #'d /175
- Contours Teal #'d /150
- Contours Purple #'d /125
- Contours Orange #'d /99
- Contours Yellow #'d /75
- Contours Bronze #'d /50
- Contours Blue #'d /35
- Contours Green #'d /25
- Contours Black #'d /10
- Contours Gold #'d One-of-One

STAR SIGNS: Hunt for this SSP Autograph set featuring the best rookies and stars in the NFL.

ARCHETYPE: A brand new SSP insert for Phoenix, Archetype is the blue print to NFL stardom!

METROPOLIS: Brand New in 2022, Metropolis utilizes a unique aestetic to create a truly memorable card for collectors.

12 Packs per Box, 5 Cards per Pack


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