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Topps Gilded Collection 2023 Hobby Box

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Every Box contains One Framed Autograph or Framed Cut Signature & One Topps Chrome pack containing Three Numbered Base Cards or Parallels and One Topps Chrome Gold Autograph!

The Gold standard is alive and well with this 2023 Topps Gilded Collection release featuring some of the most luxurious, gold-laden designs the hobby has to offer!

Piece together all 150 Base Set cards comprised of top rookies, stars and legends using a gilded version of 2023 Topps Chrome design!

Find 1 Gold Framed Autograph & 1 Gold Etch Chrome Autograph per Box!



Base Set Gold Etch Refractor: #'d to 99
- Wave Gold Etch Parallel - #'d to 75 NEW!
- Mini-Diamond Gold Etch Parallel - #'d to 50
- Ray Wave Gold Etch Parallel - #'d to 25
- Lava Gold Etch Parallel - #'d to 10

Base Set - Cast in Gold Variation: #'d to 199
All gold is the game for these top new rookies with a gold through and through variation of the Base design.
- SuperFractor Parallel - #'d 1-of-1


Gold Framed Hall of Famer Autographs: Varied #'ing
- Rose Gold Parallel - #'d to 50 NEW!
- Emerald Parallel - #'d to 25
- Onyx Parallel - #'d to 10
- Ruby Parallel - #'d to 5
- Platinum Parallel - #'d 1-of-1

Gallery of Gold Autographs: Varied #'ing NEW!
Collect these new gold embellished and golden framed autographs bound to be the highlight of any luxury card collection.
- Emerald Parallel - #'d to 25
- Onyx Parallel - #'d to 10
- Ruby Parallel - #'d to 5
- Platinum Parallel - #'d 1-of-1

Topps Chrome Gold Etch Autographs: Varied #'ing
- Yellow Parallel - #'d to 75 NEW!
- Blue Parallel - #'d to 50
- Rose Gold Parallel - #'d to 25
- Red Parallel - #'d to 5
- SuperFractor Parallel - #'d 1-of-1

Topps Gilded Collection Cut Signatures: #'d 1-of-1

5 Cards per Box


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